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Networking 2012

21 – 25 May 2012

Prague, Czech Republic

Important Dates

Abstract Registration:
November 28, 2011

Full Paper Submission:
December 12, 2011

Acceptance Notification:
February 13, 2012

Camera Ready and Early Registration:
February 27, 2012

One Minute Madness Submission:
May 6, 2012

Networking Conference:
21-25 May, 2012

Networking Conference

Program / Presenter Guidelines

Information for Presenters

Paper Presentation

Authors presenting Papers will have 20 minutes for presentation and discussion of the paper. Each oral session room will be equipped with an LCD projector, laptop, microphone, and laser pointer. All you need to bring is a USB drive (or a CD) with your presentation (.pdf, or .ppt format). Please prepare a short biography (3-5 lines); this will enable your session chair to introduce you. To be fair to all presenters, and to give the audience enough time for questions, please observe the time limit for your presentation. Be at the appropriate room no later than 15 minutes before the start of the session in which you are presenting, and introduce yourself to the Session Chair.

All paper presenters are kindly invited to participate in the One Minute Madness (OMM) sessions, that will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10h (just after the keynote speeches) and on Thursday at 8h30. Each OMM session will provide a brief overview of the different papers presented during the day. To make this possible, we kindly ask for your participation.

The One Minute Madness submission deadline is May 6, 2012.
You have a OMM presentation template (PPT format) available here

One Minute Madness submissions

Please submit your OMM presentation to OMM-web before May 6, 2012, using the following file name: <session_id>_<paper_order>_<author>.pdf
To avoid problems, authors are recommended to embed the fonts in the PDF.

For the first paper of the first session (Session 1A), presented by the first author, the contents of the first slide should be:

  • Paper ID: 1A-1
  • Paper title: "Sign What You Really Care About - Secure BGP AS Paths Efficiently"
  • Name of the author presenting the paper: Yang Xiang and the filename should be: 1A_1_ Xiang.pdf

One Minute Madness guidelines

For a smoothly running OMM session you need to observe the following guidelines:

  1. Each paper presenter is invited to submit a PDF file with 1 to 3 slides, where the first slide must contain only:
    • Paper ID (using format <session_id>_<paper_order_within_session>)
    • Paper title
    • Name of the author presenting the paper

    The second and third slides are optional and completely defined by the speaker that should take into account that only 60 seconds time is available per speaker.

  2. 60 seconds seem to be quite a short time span but be assured that you don't need to be hectic. But of course, you should plan your presentation carefully. At the beginning of each OMM session the first five or so presenters should form a "pipeline" in order to minimise any loss of time. When your predecessor has finished, move forward and be ready to speak. Your slides will be visible for exactly 60 seconds, and this is exactly the time you will have the floor to advertise your talk. Subsequently, please leave the stage and take your seat. Be aware that 60 seconds is a hard limit that will be strictly enforced.

  3. A comment: Experience indicates that OMM sessions can be very good fun and that they may well bring across your core idea better than the full talk will. Please note that you are completely free to decide what you will present, and how! Many try to be serious, informative, and entertaining at the very same time, which is a very good, albeit possibly somewhat difficult, approach.

Best OMM awards

Every day, during lunch, an award will be given to the best speaker of the OMM session earlier that day.